How do you decide who should and shouldn't be a part of your life? What really is right and wrong in that situation? Sometimes we want things that are so illogical that it would drive any sane person mad. I know someone from my past isn't good for me, yet I leave the door open … Continue reading Confused



Some days are harder than others in the sense that sometimes I feel nothing at all and sometimes I feel every emotion as strongly as I did when each wound was new. Lately, I've felt stuck, trapped in the past and refusing to continue to adapt and grow. One second I think I'm over how … Continue reading Stuck


     I fear the ordinary. Not just living through every day, mundane events but actually being ordinary. I am almost certain I am not alone in this since I am ordinary, after all. This is why I decided to start a blog, in hopes of channeling my worries into something productive, maybe even helpful. … Continue reading Purpose