I grew up in a Hispanic household with very strict parents that have become less strict as the years go on. However, they still remain quite set on me contacting them every day, three times a day, and telling them where I’m going, who I’m with, and what I’m doing. It’s quite stressful and feels … Continue reading College



I sometimes have so many feelings that I'm overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin to explain them. This leads me to shut everyone out because I can't properly express myself, yet I always feel like nobody notices or cares beyond just doing what's expected of the friend role. I have many friends, and … Continue reading Overwhelmed


     I fear the ordinary. Not just living through every day, mundane events but actually being ordinary. I am almost certain I am not alone in this since I am ordinary, after all. This is why I decided to start a blog, in hopes of channeling my worries into something productive, maybe even helpful. … Continue reading Purpose